Stetsonville Water and Sewer Utilities

The Village built a municipal water system in 2010 after petroleum contaminants were found in the groundwater, making it unsafe for human consumption.

The Wastewater Sewer system has been in effect since the mid 1960's.  

Meters are read the first week of the month with bills being sent via email or via the postal service. Payment is due at the end of the month. Auto withdrawal (pulled on the 20th of month) is available for payment of your utility bill, saving both of us time and money!

The Department of Public Works tests the water regularly, and the levels are within the required guidelines. They work cooperatively with the City of Medford Public Works Department for testing and other duties in regards to muncipal water and wastewater. 

Meters are radio-read at the beginning of the month, and bills are sent via US Mail or by Email. Payment is due at the end of the month from the date of bill. Overdue balances are sent disconnection notices with an opportunity to make the account current. If the balance is not paid, water will be shut off at the curb stop and the utility customer will be required to pay a re-connection charge as well as make their account current. 


See the Public Service Bill of Rights below in regard to your rights as a utility customer. 

Other necessary forms and information are also included in this page.